6 Essential Things To Have In Your Wallet At All Times

If there is one thing that you should never leave home without, it is your wallet. Whether you are going on a quick trip to the store, or perhaps a long journey somewhere, it is always a smart idea to check your bag or purse to be sure your wallet is right there. This is an important item to bring with you, among a few other essentials that can literally save the day when you’re away from home!

But the thing is, it’s not just the fact that you need a wallet with you. Most importantly, your wallet MUST have essential items in it to make sure you got everything covered. There are expenses to think about during your trip, and unless you have some key items in your wallet, you may end up getting stressed out along the way.

So, here are just a few – but very important – things to have in your wallet at all times to minimize your stress level while you’re far from home.

1. Cash

What’s the use of having a wallet if there’s no cash in it? If there is one primary item that your wallet should have, this would be some cash for sure. Regardless of where you are going, make it a habit to have with your some cash for emergency purposes. You’ll never know when you might come across a situation where your credit card is unacceptable, although this is almost a rare instance considering how nearly every merchant in Singapore accepts credit card as payment for goods purchased.

Just the same, bring along a little bit of cash in your wallet anywhere you may go. Some people are afraid of doing so because they might end up losing a lot in case someone steals their wallet. But when it comes to determining how much cash to bring, the best thing to do is to carry with you a certain amount that you are also willing to lose (in case unwanted situations arise). For instance, this could be $50, while others may want to bring a bit more if they are going abroad or to a resort for a holiday.

Another benefit of having some cash in your wallet is the convenience of not needing to go to an ATM service to make withdrawals too often. Sometimes, people forget their limits and just take money out left and right because they know they have enough money in their credit card or debit card. But at the same time, this can be a problem since the next thing they know, they have too little left in their card because of impulsive withdrawals and purchases. So in a way, paying for items on a cash basis is more practical and smarter as you become more conscious of your spending habits.

2. Debit Cards

You never can tell when you might run out of cash while you’re away, so it is also good to bring your debit cards with you. This is important when you run out of a cash, as long as the item you are planning on buying is truly a necessity. Otherwise, not having any backup funds with you for emergency purposes can lead to stress.

But here is an important thing to keep in mind whenever you bring along your debit cards with you. No matter what you do, make it a point to keep these cards as secure as possible. Avoid putting notes or information about your password or PIN for your cards. This may seem strange, but there are people who actually do this, which can pose security threats to them. Make it a point to just remember your PIN, never share it with others, and do not ever put notes of your debit card password on your cards.

3. Credit Card

It is good to bring your credit card, as long as you treat it as “cash”. This means that you must be aware that if you keep using your card, your debts will accumulate and the amount of money you make may only go to your credit card bills if you keep going beyond your spending limit.

But if there is one positive thing that you can get from a credit card, it would be the rewards it comes with. Various credit card companies offer rewards to their clients who use their card for purchases. These rewards may be miles points, discounts, special promos, and so on. Instead of paying for your next plane ticket, you may qualify for a free air fare because of your credit card rewards!

Just the same, you should set a limit whenever you decide to use your card. This way, your debts will not accumulate, and you can take your mind off any worry linked with massive credit card bills.

4. Discount Coupons

A smart and practical strategy that consumers do to spend less for their movie tickets, groceries, and what-nots is couponing. Nowadays, you can find a number of online sources that feature coupons for just about anything you can imagine – from clothes, food, furniture, home improvement materials, and so on! You can get discounts on various items by presenting these coupons to retailers, which corresponds to big savings for you.

Make it a habit to check the internet for coupon sources and clip these and place them in your wallet. There are also online coupons that you can simply download on your phone, so there is no need to have a bunch of paper in your wallet for these coupons. Some sources to check out include myfave.com or cuponation.com.sg.

5. Loyalty or Membership Cards

If you are a frequent shopper at a grocery store or any retailer, you may qualify for their loyalty card that is linked with a wide selection of rewards, discounts, and promos. Whenever you make a purchase, there are points you earn, which can be used as “cash” once you have accumulated enough of these points. So, in the end, you can get more savings from the rewards and discounts you receive from your loyalty card.

An example is this retail store called Sephora. They offer a loyalty program that entitles you to as much as 10 percent discount, as well as other benefits completely free of charge. All you need to do is to fill out the form each time you approach the cashier or their staff members.

6. Include Your Contact Details In Your Wallet

Losses and emergencies do occur, and this is why it is best to be prepared and indicate your contact information in your wallet. In the event that your wallet gets lost or there are accidents, it may happen that a kind person would secure your wallet and return it to you. This does happen sometimes, so it is best to have your details in the wallet to make it possible for the stranger to return it to you once found.

When indicating contact information, just stick to the basics. For instance, the information may include your mobile numbers, as well as your trusted family members’ or friends’ phone numbers just in case you cannot be contacted. But never include your home address for your own security. Your mobile number should suffice since this is how people are contacted normally.

Be Prepared For The Unexpected

You see, you don’t need to overload your wallet with so many things that will only end up as clutter. But there are surely certain items that must be in there, so you can be prepared for unexpected situations to come your way. By having these things ready in your wallet, you can have peace of mind each time you travel no matter how far or near you are from home. Essentially, it is always good to have some cash in your wallet at all time.


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