Comprehensive Survival Guide for Foreigners in Singapore

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Many of us plans to go abroad most especially those people who are in a third world country. Why? Because of the means that we can get such as job with higher pays. There are a lot of countries in the world that we can work or reside to but having the thought of it already opens up the question, how can we survive? For people who already has an experienced going to other places may already have an idea but how about the starters? Usually what happened for starters is that we look for someone who could back up us and guide us how to properly fit in being a foreigner in a country. Fortunately, there are companies who provides basic needs to foreigners or even comprehensive survival guide for foreigners in Singapore.

The hardest thing to secure when going abroad is the money. Because honestly going to your comfort zone is a risk and countries have different rules and regulations that affects their industry price of goods or home rentals and so on. Luckily as stated there are companies who are willing to help and lend money to help build your future.

Singapore is one of the common countries that people choose to reside because of its wonderful government management. They also implement rules and regulation that secures and protects the people and their livelihood. And aside from that, is the astonishing view of their place being tagged as the cleanliest country in the world. Singapore has a lot to offer other than beautiful views and spot that tourist can enjoy, they also provide services in terms of moneylending. Moneylenders plays a very important role in our lives, though it has to be avoided but undeniably helpful when times gets rough. Having risks and limitations in this aspect, there are also guides and tips doing personal or bank loans. Below are some simple tips to properly guide you when life get tough and your money decreases over time:

  • Credit Card – Most of the countries that tops in terms of economic growth, limits the use of physical cash. They are very much into the use of credit cards because it can store larger money and secures the legality of the resources. Aside from that, it lessens the rate of illegal works that involves money as it is strictly supervised by the bank. Convenience is also one of the main reason why credit cards are made. It is handy and can be used anywhere, anytime with specially the correlation of the bank.
  • Emergency Cash – Emergency Cash in Singapore are easily acquire through proper process and submission of requirements. If you already have a credit card on hand, you can surely take money from it without no hassle. However, you need to make sure that you have an outstanding credit limit and status so that everything will be fine.
  • Request for Credit line Increase – Credit Line increase is a special power given by the government and the bank to people to give them a chance to increase their capacity of spending money. Also, it is a win to win situation of the bank and the people.
  • Instant Cash Loan – What’s good in Singapore is that they value the welfare of the people. And one of the things they do is to let the people know that they can provide easy cash loan. Instant Cash loan are personal loans from moneylenders. It is more convenient comparing having to loan in a bank because it is much faster in any way. However, there is some risk in personal loan. Make sure that the moneylender is legit and does not leave you with problems in the end.
  • Home Loans – If you are a foreigner but already has a citizenship in Singapore, it is easy to loan through DBS Home Development Board. People are guided in starting their own homes and to better enjoy it without having to think much about the payments.

These are just some basic beneficial factors that Singapore government can provide for the welfare of its people. Aside from having to access and acquire easy moneylending services, it also covers a lot of assistance to other important aspect in society such as, business, career, industry, economic growth, family, lifestyle and others.


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