How To Save On Your Electricity Bills

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With the rising cost of expenses in your utilities, it is only practical that you apply smart techniques to help you save money without compromising your sense of comfort. This is why it makes sense to learn more about the different household appliances that tend to use up electricity the most, so you will be more aware of what you can do about it. Having a better understanding of this topic can help you come up with an effective solution to address issues with massive electricity bills, which is one of the things that can impact your ability to boost your monthly savings.

Based on research by the National Environment Agency or NEA, there are three household appliances that consume a high level of energy. These include the air conditioning unit, water heater, and the refrigerator. Among these three, the AC uses up energy the most, which leads you now to devising clearer steps on how to reduce energy consumption more effectively.

Now that we have determined the top culprits behind our ever-increasing electric bills, what can we possibly do about it to start reducing the costs? Here are some tips that you may want to incorporate in your own home.

1. When setting the thermostat of your air conditioner, be sure to keep it at 25 degrees C or higher.

As Singapore is situated on the equator, it is expected that the weather is generally humid most of the year. This is why it can get very stuffy and hot in any room even if there is ventilation. In this case, it is usually a necessity to install an air conditioner to keep the indoor space more bearable and cooler to ensure your comfort. However, this does not mean that you have to set it to the lowest temperature possible, considering how much electricity it uses up.

If your goal is to save on your electricity bills, make it a point to keep the thermostat at 25 degrees C or even higher. Keep in mind that with every increase in the temperature setting, you can save about $15 annually. In fact, to save even more money, using a fan instead of an air conditioner is an even more practical option. You could significantly slash the cost of your utility bills by taking this step without compromising your comfort at the same time.

2. Heat-emitting household appliance consume too much electricity, so be sure to minimize your usage of these items.

Any appliance that generate heat such as the hair dryer, flat iron, induction stove, water heater, and tumble dryer consume a huge amount of energy. To spare yourself from the headache of having to pay expensive electricity bills, the following are some ideas to live by:

A. Iron

Did you know that it is possible to quit the daily task of ironing while keeping your clothes presentable? A smart technique to eliminate wrinkles is by hanging your clothes on a plastic hanger and placing them in your bathroom whenever you take your hot shower. Just keep your windows closed to prevent the steam from escaping, and in about 10 to 15 minutes, your clothes should be ready to wear without a trace of wrinkles. It’s an effective and cheap way to steam-press your clothes without paying several dollars and at the same time giving you a chance to enjoy a nice, relaxing hot bath. This is indeed a great way to shoot two birds with one stone!

B. Hair Dryer

You love your gorgeous thick and long hair, but drying it can be a huge time-consuming task. Not only does it take several minutes to dry and style it the way you want, but the meter is ticking away as you use your hair dryer to get your mane to look flawlessly amazing. Sure, a hair dryer can spare you from those nasty bad hair days, but then again, you don’t want to end up using this appliance too often that adds to your utility bills. A surefire way to dry your hair faster is by using your microfibre brush with super absorbent design when you comb your hair after your shower. You can do that, or you may also wrap your hair with a turban made from microfibre to speed up the drying process.

C. Tumble Dryer

A conventional method of drying clothes is by line-drying them, as this obviously does not use up any energy. However, if the weather is not optimal for drying clothes this way, or if ever you need to wear your clothes the following day, you can try the high-spin drying method. Without a doubt, a tumble dryer generates more heat, but at the same time causes your electric bills to spike. Even with a few extra spins on your washer’s spin dryer, this is still less energy than what you can expect from a tumble dryer.

D. Induction Stove

This household appliance heats up pretty fast, and it also can cook your meals at a quicker rate. But the drawback is the high energy consumption this item comes with. So, if you want to minimize your utility bills, then it may be best to opt for a gas stove instead. This is an excellent way to cut down your electricity bill while still being able to cook your meals even when the power is out. But of course, this tip is only applicable to homes if safety is not a concern.

E. Water Heater

You love your hot showers, and there’s no way that you would want to put an end to this simple pleasure in life. But it is still doable to reduce your electric bills without having to force yourself to take cold showers each day. For instance, you may consider using a smaller heater that also uses up less electricity than a larger unit. Then, be sure to switch the heater off right away when it is not being used. As much as possible maintain the thermostat within the medium level and use water pipes that insulate heat to eliminate heat loss. Now, for an even better way to save on water and energy, you can always take a trip to Sembawang Hot Spring for a nice hot bath.

3. Make use of empty spaces in your refrigerator.

When it comes to using your refrigerator in a smarter manner, always remember that it is best to fill it up instead of keeping it running without not much inside it. Air is a dense substance, which makes it a poor conductor of heat. Thus, cold and warm air trade place to keep the circulation going. If your fridge is almost empty, too much trading goes on whenever you open the fridge door. On the other hand, conduction makes it possible to transfer heat if you have a full fridge.

With this in mind, you should eliminate spaces that will allow hot air to enter, which will then be replaced by cold air. If you do not have much to put in your fridge, you can always fill it up with ice packs or jugs of water to reduce the energy needed to pump additional heat out of this appliance.

4. Ditch the plasma TV and go for a LED TV instead.

More electricity is used up by a plasma TV, as compared with the amount of energy consumed by your LED TV. This is due to the fact that electricity charges every single gas cell in your plasma TV. On the other hand, there are independent lights shared across efficiently in a LED TV, thus making this appliance more energy efficient. At the same time, more heat is produced by a plasma TV, so you will have to cool the room more by reducing the temperature in your air conditioner – that’s a double whammy to your utility expenses.

5. Never keep your appliances on standby mode; switch them off right away.

Did you know that the standby mode adds an estimate of 10 percent to your energy consumption? If you are not using appliances, just turn these off instead of opting for the standby mode. So, turn your heater, TV, laptop, and radio off and avoid keeping them on stand by.

6. Take a meter reading and submit it yourself.

The SP Services send a person once in every couple of months to read your electricity meter found outside your home. The readings are basically estimated on the months when there was no meter reading that has taken place. To avoid overcharging concerns, you can always submit the meter reading via phone or online.

By applying these smart energy consumption tips, you can enjoy the benefit of increasing your savings as your electricity bills decrease significantly.


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