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Bugis is a great place to explore for both tourists and locals. There are lots of small shops that sell souvenirs, clothes, food items etcetera in this area–the prices range from cheap to expensive depending on what you’re looking for! The best part about Bugis is there’s never any rush because everything here has plenty of parking space so if your day was exhausting before coming here then now would be time to grab yourself one or two delicious street foods while sipping away at their famous refreshments.

One of Singapore’s most popular spots, Bugis Junction is a great place to visit for shoppers looking in any direction. The mall itself has an aesthetically pleasing face because it integrates outdoor space seamlessly into modern indoor architecture while preserving historical preservation very well. With stores that cater to everyone’s taste and the many amenities available at this mall including cafes or boutiques with unique items, you won’t find anywhere else on earth!

In a busy and economically active place like Bugis, money lender is one of the things that people need there as life is quite fast and sometimes financial trouble comes in the most unexpected times

Need a Money Lender Near Bugis?

Financial difficulties have always been an issue for many people. The looming economic recession only makes this concern more pressing than before, as you might not be able to afford your monthly expenses come next month if the economy takes another turn and leaves many of us in financial peril. Fortunately, there is still hope! 118 Credit is a licensed money lender near Bugis that offers loans packages with rates that can support those who find themselves caught up financially without choice until things get better again (or at least stabilized).

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Personal Loans and Other Products at 118 Credit

There are different types of financial situations that we may unexpectedly encounter. It’s great to know that a trusted money lender in Singapore like 118 Credit provides different types of loans to match our needs. You can be confident because they are recognized by corresponding government agencies.


Fast cash loans are great because they can be quick. There’s no lengthy credit check on your bank statements, so if you have bad luck with the bureaus then that won’t get in our way! All we need is an hour of your time and a few simple questions regarding what type of loan would work best for us both – fast-paced processing at its finest.


If you are considering relocating to Singapore, it is important that before moving forward with your plans. The costs of living in this country alone can be overwhelming without financial support and help from others who have done it before or know what they’re doing! Fortunately though; getting a foreigner loan here has never been easier nor does the process take long at all when compared to other banks. But what’s more important is knowing that you are transacting with a trusted licensed money lender.


Loans for all businesses, from small and large. Choose your working capital loan or micro-loan package that best suits you! Money lenders like 118 Credit can get your business going if you need an extra hand for expansion or purchase of additional inventory.


A bad credit loan is an unsecured loan that can be taken by an individual with poor or low credit score. Most traditional moneylenders have very stringent rules on borrowing, and it’s likely your application will get rejected if you have a high debt load at present time in relation to income levels. With a bad credit score, you can still have options. And there’s still a chance to improve your credit rating.


Personal loans are loans that are applied and taken for personal use by qualifying people in Singapore. Global economic uncertainties hinder a country’s growth, which makes it harder for household owners to access easy personal loans. Banks become more stringent and it is especially difficult for people with poor credit scores to access credit. All these against a backdrop of increasing financial needs and rising prices make life stressful.


There are still many choices of loan products that you can avail.

What’s great about this is that it’s as if the loan products are tailor-made for your needs. We even have a loan especially for couples planning to get married!

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Why 118 Credit?

Easy and Quick Application Process

118 Credit is a trusted money lender near Bugis has an online application that is simple and to the point. With a simple application form, you can immediately apply for a loan with us! No interviews and scheduling of appointments needed. Unlike traditional banks, we only require proof of personal id documents.

Best Loan Approval within an Hour

You will receive approval of your application loan online within an hour. No more waiting for weeks of approval. Just fill out the loan application form here for a quick turnaround.

Legal Money Lender

There are many unlicensed money lenders such as loan sharks that take advantage of borrowers with ridiculously high-interest rates. It’s crucial you only borrow from licensed money lenders recognised by various government agencies, financial institutions and the Ministry of Law.

How to Apply for a Loan

Eligibility and Loan Requirements

These are the basic requirements you need to prepare if you are planning to take apply for a personal loan or any types of loan with us. With all these ready, you're loan will be granted in no time.

  • A Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore
  • At least the age of 21 and above
  • Must not be declared undischarged bankrupt nor any bankruptcy that is ongoing
  • Permanently employed contributing monthly CPF
  • Foreigners and Expats must have a Valid Work Permit or Valid Passport
  • Self-Employed to have their Income Tax Assessment, ACRA, or Vocational License

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Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions that we get from most of our clients. Do take some time browsing through and we hope you may find the answers you are looking for!

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We offer a range of different loan types based on your needs. It doesn’t matter if you have a bad credit history, or low-income, 118 Credit is the best money lender for you!

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