Renovating is Expensive, Here Are Some Shopping Hacks!

To all the new homeowners out there, a big congratulations on getting your new home! We understand that getting the house keys is merely the first step to an arduous process of furniture hunting, renovation works and many months of negotiations and planning. Here are several useful websites and hacks we want to share with you, so read on to find out!

1. Browse Taobao and EZBuy for Home Furniture 

A good number of you may already be frequent visitors of these two sites for your apparel and electronics purchases. It’s clear why Taobao and EZBuy are fervently raved by many; the affordability makes the products on-site so tempting. What’s more, there’s an unending variety of items that you can browse through; you could spend hours scrolling. What many don’t know is that there is also a great variety of furniture options; shelves, lights, kitchenware, toilet accessories — you name it, they’ve got it! With the review and rating functions, you can view the product’s rating out of five stars, as well as read through others’ critiques; giving you a better idea of what you can expect out of the item. Here’s a tip; pay for the shortest duration of EZBuy Prime to be eligible for the $2.99 flat rate international shipping fee, and make all your purchases while your subscription lasts! 

As furniture is purchased online and is shipped from overseas, note that this means you’ll have to set up furniture parts yourself, which may require some work and manual reading. Another option is for you to buy a container to have your ready-built furniture shipped over; which would require some extra costs. 

We understand that some of you may not feel safe to make big-item purchases online for fear of subpar quality. Well, there’s always the lower-cost furniture materials that you can look at, which includes wallpaper, kitchen gadgets, and home decor! 

As with all other online purchases, do watch out for scams! The low-priced items on Taobao and EZBuy may scream at you with their affordability, but make use of the rating functions to check sellers’ trustworthiness. 

2. Carousell 

Carousell is the place to go to find brand-new furniture, as well as second-hand furniture that is sold at attractive prices. Purchasing second-hand items may actually be more value-for-money than you would expect! For instance, vintage household decorations or furniture such as chairs can be bought second-hand, since they can be cleaned to look as good as new. However, we won’t recommend you to purchase used sofas or cushioned furniture, as that can be quite unsanitary.

3. Hipvan

With their furniture options that are chic yet still relatively affordable; Hipvan is one site you must visit! After browsing, hop on down to visit their physical stores at The Cathay to get a better look and feel of your picks.

4. FortyTwo

FortyTwo is an e-furniture site in Singapore that offers over 10,000 items; you’ll definitely be able to find something for your home and lifestyle needs there! With their 100-day free return policy, FortyTwo boasts competitive prices for their products.

5. Johor Bahru

Take a day trip across the border to Johor Bahru, and visit popular stores including Boo Furniture, Maestro, and Yako Lighting Centre. Remember to ensure that there are delivery services provided if you require so!

Useful Renovation Hacks

1. Beware of Over-Furnishing

While we get the excitement of building a new home, do give a second thought to every purchase decision. Prevent unnecessary purchases that only result in wasted space taken up in your home! Also, you should consider prioritizing quality for items that will be used constantly like tables and chairs, since the cost and effort taken to replace them may just offset the low cost of initial purchase.

2. Engage Individual Contractors

Consider self-sourcing for individual contractors, and manage the overall renovation on your own instead of hiring a main contractor. This helps shave down renovation costs by a considerable amount, which is good for those on a budget, but it is will definitely be taxing and very time-consuming.

3. Child-Proof Your Furniture

For all the newlyweds; plan ahead and go for children-friendly furniture finishes! You can do so by avoiding fixed woodwork in the living room and other rooms, which makes for easier reconfiguration in the future.

4. Consider Personal Usage

Before making your purchases, think twice about how and how much the furniture will be used in your lifestyle; is yellow light going to be conducive for when you bring back work? Is your sofa comfortable enough to host more people? Do your due research on the ideal type of furniture or light dimness for each area of your home!

5. Cookers

For those that won’t be making much use of the kitchen, consider reducing the number of cookers!

Financing Your Purchases

1. Renovation Loan

We’ve compiled some available renovation loans at the moment! 

Renovation Loan



Monthly Payment






1% + $200















2. Credit Cards

Enjoy the convenience of making your renovation purchases with your credit card! Popular credit card options include the DBS Woman’s Card and CITI Rewards Card. You get to earn rewards such as bonus miles and cash-back, but take note of the terms and conditions; you may only get to reap these benefits if you hit the minimum expenditure amount set. 

We hope that you’ve gained some valuable insights from our article and that you’re more excited than ever to embark on your renovation journey! Don’t hesitate to ask around your friends and colleagues who have experience; they’re likely to have many tips that would help you greatly. Also, don’t worry excessively over home accessories such as doormats and other decorations, you might just get a whole load of such presents at your housewarming party!


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