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About 118 Credit

118 Credit is a legal, recognized and licensed money lender here in Singapore. Since 2010, we have provided an extensive range of money lending services for those in need of quick cash, with tailored loan packages for Singaporean residents, businesses and foreigners alike.

Our mission is to offer our clients fast access to emergency cash to ease financial difficulty and get through a tough time. Our borrowing process is both convenient and hassle-free — no endless applications and no long loan approval waiting times. Our clients are of utmost importance to us; our team will ensure your loan transactions will go through smoothly and quickly, in order to tide over the difficult times. Our repayments are flexible too — we can cater to specific remuneration dates or agreed on monthly installments.

118 Credit is a legal moneylender, monitored and licensed by the Registry of Moneylenders Singapore (Ministry of Law). Our packages and plans hence adhere to the policies and regulations set by the Moneylenders Act and Rules. You can expect fairness, convenience, transparency and quick responses from our friendly and experienced lending team.

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118 Credit is also a licensed moneylender with Singpass Myinfo applications, to give you a peace of mind and credibility! Our office is situated around Bugis Singapore, in a high rise building with the most privacy and travelling convenience!

There are many instances in life when you might need fast cash, such as buying a new car, paying for your upcoming wedding, going overseas to study, or paying off hefty medical bills.

Given how expensive it is to live in Singapore, it is completely understandable that you will not have enough money on hand to pay for certain things. Many banks have a lengthy and complicated approval process with many terms and conditions. Worse, you might not even be awarded the loan contract after all that!

118 Credit is here to change that. We ensure that you don’t waste any time when getting funds. Furthermore, we are licensed by the government. It is very important to take loans from a licensed money lender as they are bound by legal rules. Be it a personal loan or business loan for citizens and permanent residents or foreigners, we make getting a cash loan hassle-free.

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Here at 118 Credit, we also take great pride in ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied. We do not have any hidden fees and interest charges; we are completely transparent and ensure you fully understand any terms and conditions that come with the package before you sign the loan contract.

Best Loan Agency Services in Singapore

  • Top recognized Legal Money Lender in Singapore since 2010.
  • Monitored and licensed by the Registry of Moneylenders Singapore.
  • Provide an extensive range of services.
  • Offer fast access to emergency cash in times of financial difficulty be it personal or business loan.
  • Friendly and experienced team offers fairness, convenience, transparency and quick responses. Read our Reviews!

There are numerous occasions when you may want quick cash loans for a sudden big purchase or to pay off large medical expenses. Given that Singapore has a high cost of living, it’s reasonable that you won’t have enough cash on hand to pay for some items. Many banks have a lengthy and convoluted approval procedure, including numerous terms, restrictions, and even loan approval charges. Worse, even after paying the processing costs, you could not be given the loan contract!


We at 118 Credit, a legal loan agency, also take great pleasure in ensuring that our borrowers are completely pleased. You’d best expect no hidden charges from us! We are entirely open, and we make sure you fully understand all of the terms and conditions before you sign the loan contract. Furthermore, we are licensed by the government. It is critical to obtain loans from authorised, licensed money lenders that are regulated by regulatory regulations.


Our company offers a variety of loan services such as short-term loans, payday loans, fast cash loans, wedding loans, and many more.

Why Choose 118 Credit?

Easy Application

With a simple application form, you can immediately apply for a loan with us! No interviews and scheduling of appointments are needed. Unlike traditional banks, we only require proof of personal id documents.

Approval within an Hour

You will receive approval of your application loan online within an hour. No more waiting for weeks of approval. Just fill out the loan application form here for a quick turnaround.

Legal Licensed Provider

There are many unlicensed money lenders such as loan sharks that take advantage of borrowers with ridiculously high-interest rates. It's crucial you only borrow from licensed money lenders recognised by various government agencies and the Ministry of Law.

Low Interest Rates

Rest assured you can get past your financial difficulties because we offer one of the lowest interest rates. You may contact one of our loan officers to get a quote and expect reasonable interest rates.

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We offer a range of different loan types based on your needs. It doesn’t matter if you have a bad credit history, or low-income, whether you are looking to fund a wedding or get the money to further studies overseas, 118 Credit has a loan package perfect for you!

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