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What is a renovation loan?

A renovation loan provides you with the necessary funds to cover the cost of your home renovations.

Renovation loans have a longer loan tenure than personal loans. This way, your repayment installment can be spread over a longer time period, hence making it more comfortable for you.

We all want to come back after a tiring day at work to a place of comfort and a space that we can call our own.

But we all know that renovations for home improvement do not come cheap. Tens of thousands of dollars isn’t an easy amount to save up for. This is where a 118 Credit’s Renovation Loan comes in!

Benefits of a Home Renovation Loan

Taking a Renovation Loan is Cost-Effective

While a personal loan is more flexible than a renovation loan, these benefits come at higher interest rate. 118 Credit wants you to have your dream home, and that is why we keep our interest rates competitive for a home renovation loan.

A Renovation Loan has a Longer Tenure and Repayment Plans

Renovation loans have a longer loan tenure than personal loans. This way, you have a longer runway to pay off your loan amount, making it more comfortable for you. At 118 Credit, we have different loan plans for you to choose from!

A Renovation Loan can Help Boost Your ROI (Return On Investment)

Taking up a renovation loan will give peace of mind, as the property owner, you have all the funds needed to realize your dream makeover! This will boost your home’s value if you ever decide to sell your home.

You Get Your Dream Home

The greatest benefit is really just getting that home you’ve always dreamed about. Having a home you are proud of is also important for you and your family’s happiness! Everyone wishes for home and not just a house.

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Eligibility Requirement for Renovation Loan in Singapore

As this is a rather large sum of money, you should make sure you are committed and set on a renovation before taking on a loan. There are some requirements you will need to meet before applying for a renovation loan. These are:

You can borrow up to 6 times your income, but this figure is subject to each individual. Give us a call to find out more on your loan amount!

Why Should I Take a Renovation Loan with 118 Credit?

We are committed to making your dream house come true, and hence our renovation loan packages are flexible and customizable to help deal with all your reno needs!

Chat with us for more information on home loans, home loan interest rates and the respective loan tenure.


Ensure you meet the criteria for a Renovation Loan


Apply for a Renovation Loan in Singapore through our online application form here.


Wait for our team to contact you; we will contact you within a day.


Set an appointment with our team to come down to our office. The loan assistant will also tell you exactly what documents we need you to bring.


Prepare the documents and come down to our office for the set appointment.


The loan assistant will check all the documents, and then explain clearly all the terms and conditions of the loan. They will help determine the loan amount to be given, and work out a comfortable monthly repayment schedule for you. The loan repayment amount will be determined based on your income, and we can customise this for you too.


Once the documents are in order, monthly repayment is set, and the loan contract is signed, you will get the money! It is fast, simple and efficient.

Tips for Taking a Renovation Loan

Use your current lender

If you currently have a home loan, you should choose to take a renovation loan from the same lender. Lenders are more likely give a better interest rate to their existing home loan customers.

Know exactly what the fees and charges on the loan are

Don’t gloss over any details. These can include interest rates, processing fees, late payment fees and any possible cancellation fee.

Don’t go for the maximum loan amount

While you might be tempted to max out the loan amount in order to get a perfect house, we strongly advise against that.

Do remember that you have to pay back the principal plus interest. Your loan assistant can advise you on further details regarding taking out a loan.

Apply for a Renovation Loan with 118 Credit

Get An Instant In-Principle Approval And Collect Your Money On The Spot!


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