Charles is our resident financial Author


Loan Adviser and Data Analyst


3 years in the bank. Charles writes most of the articles regarding loans and licensed money lenders. 

More about Charles

Previously employed as a data analyst, Charles noticed that many take up loans without planning their repayments wisely. Unlike banks with their complex algorithms and stringent inquiries, Charles hopes to enhance loan services by licensed money lenders to improve the lives of borrowers by streamlining and data analytics.

Author Articles

Stalls at Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre

5 Amazing Things To Do In Admiralty, Singapore 2024

Seeking fantastic activities in Admiralty? This stunning locale caters to everyone – locals, tourists, singles, and couples. Day or night, there’s plenty to explore: dining, shopping, and sightseeing. Discover the top five must-do experiences in this article! Background of Admiralty, Singapore Admiralty, nestled in Singapore’s north, is a vibrant neighborhood

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Discover Hidden Gems: 8 Things to Do in Balestier Singapore

Balestier, Singapore Balestier is where you are able to discover the perfect blend of history and modernity in Balestier, Singapore! With charming shophouses, diverse religious landmarks, tantalizing local food, and exciting nightlife, it’s a must-see for culture enthusiasts. If you find yourself in Balestier, here are eight must-visit places to

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5 Exciting Things To Do In Aljunied, Singapore

There are a lot of things to do in Aljunied. Whether you are a fun-loving, religious, movie-lover or foody person, there’s something for everyone in Aljunied. With a day-long trip to some beautiful places, you can plan and explore places to enjoy your day with your friends and family. Aljunied,

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Uncover The Best 5 Things To Do In Bishan, Singapore

Do you live in Bishan, Singapore? Or, you are a traveler. Looking for the best things to do in Bishan? In this article, I will reveal some of the best places for you to visit, eat and explore. Whether you like nature, restaurants, shopping malls, or, dating places, this article

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What You Should Know About Singapore Loan Sharks

A loan shark, also known as “ah longs” in Singapore or unlicensed moneylenders, is a person or entity that lends money quickly and easily at exorbitant interest rates. These interest rates are usually much higher than any established legal rates. They are notorious for using harassment tactics and threats of

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How Can A Loan Help With Wedding Expenses?

The most important day of your life as a couple is most likely your wedding day. It’s a momentous and joyous occasion, as family and friends gather to celebrate your love and union. What role does a personal loan in Singapore play in this scenario? Every couple aspires to have

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Lender lending money to a borrower while shaking hands

Difference Between Lending and Borrowing

The lending and borrowing of money is a common practice for many individuals. It might seem like an easy process, but there are some differences between lending and borrowing that you need to know about before getting started. Lending is when you lend someone your own money to buy things,

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